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White Lillies
Where Science & Energy Collide
Connecting Soul To Self

The Ebb and Flow of  energy is the key to Unblocking, Unlocking, Understanding. Giving you  the key to revealing the pathway to your soul voice and heart. Financially, Emotionally, Spiritually for complete transformation of your life and business. It is after all connected.

Is This You?

As for me.........

 I have always  been associated with energy of the mind and body and working with transformation of one kind of another, always with energy at the core. I use to teach colour therapy workshops and healing workshops as well as create massive events to bring women together from all walks of life here and USA.

 It therefore was a natural progression after I stopped fighting myself to create a business incorporating all I have experienced, learned and taught. And with that, this transpired in to me becoming a Master Transformational Energy and Recovery Coach. At first using mylife coaching and intuitive skills. Now I work on a higher level to that of  life coaching alone, this is where I knew and understood that for all things to flow we have to recognise and unblock our own energy field, chakras, understand who we are at sole level as well as running parallel with that, our work and business. 

 I felt guided to train in hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness to gain more understanding of how science and energy combine with the conscious and subconscious mind. As if that was not enough I started learning the importance of our soul & heart center connection.

I help women to merge with the unified field, what that is, and the source of all creation through healing and meditation often used in my practice.I am always inspired by the ever emerging science of quantum physics, psychoenergetics and epigenetics. 

My work, business has a separate energy associated to it and once I understood that and let it speak to me it set me on a whole new journey as I identified where it held its blockages and where it true potential was to be.

This has huge impact on helping women particularly in their own business. At last I was really giving my own energy a voice! 

Combining all of these on the level I do  has been incredible shift for me and my business,  full of my own ebb and flow as I stepped into what I knew was my soul purpose. It was time to speak out and share this with other women to help them at the very foundation and core of discovering and healing who they really are through connecting soul to self.


As seen in

  You are feeling ok, life is what it is right? You feel that success, joy, love, appears easier to come by for others. For you, you just can't express or pinpoint why you feel something is missing. 

You can't understand or appear to move on from painful, hurtful, remarks, memories.

Maybe you have had some form of counselling, coaching, therapy, and yet! after a while those feelings, thoughts, memories creep back and reinforce how you feel inside and now that compounds it.

You just accept that somethings are out of your reach and so get on with life.

You feel stuck, a heavy feeling inside, maybe physical pain as well as emotional pain.

My own personal experiences have brought me to the place where dealing with our physical bodies, our thoughts, are not enough for lasting change.

I work with women on the 4 levels of energy bodies, that every human being has and I help them heal and access this.

The 4 'bodies' of energy are:

                                                   PHYSICAL            MENTAL.            EMOTIONAL.         SPIRITUAL

Grab all freebies for the soul


I have started to create helpful resources to help you on your journey- including my little book of Survival Tips. I will be adding  more workbooks, masterclasses, and checklist as I can to continue to help you on your way.

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