Because freedom from false imprinted beliefs that are not yours. Empowering you to rewrite your true story.

Slay Your Inner Bitch

Certified Self-Sabotage Coach.

 Certified Energy Practitioner.

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Creator of 'Slay your inner bitch'™) 

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Hello, I' am Cheryl


I have lived most of my life with that' other self-sabotage' voice. You know that voice that is ever present. This voice, was an expert on telling me I was not good or talented enough. Reminded me to be quiet, say yes when I wanted to say no. I would struggle to know what I wanted and how to achieve it because I feared failure, judgment.


That voice kept me safe, never enjoying the success I truly wanted without feelings of guilt. I was my own worst critical enemy. When I spoke up or had any form of success then subconsciously I found excuses to go no further. On the outside I appeared confident, creating huge events, workshops, speaking and yet inside I felt an imposter. Always going that extra mile to  my own detriment to please others to prove I had value and to eradicate the feeling of always being the underdog. 

Finally, from my own extensive healing, experiences, training over years I understood the root causes that so many women experience and find hard to change permanently. 

My life changed when I understood and I changed. When I slayed that inner bitch voice for good. I get it! Seriously, if I had understood and had the tools when I was younger that inner bitch self-sabotage voice would have been slayed a long time ago.

If you can identify with any of the above then chat to me. You don't have to be and I can help you slay your own inner bitch voice and become the warrior you are.

Slaying that inner self-sabotage voice can seem like a mountain to climb, but with my unique approach, tools and therapies you can stop that voice in its track. You will find yourself with the ability to take the action in your relationships, career, life, finding new confidence, self-esteem and general well-being.

Let me help you- I am here! If your ready to slay that inner bitch self-sabotage voice, then I am here to help with my personalized programs, 54 page Workbook created and unique to  me, support and mentorship. You will emerge from your old self-sabotage ways of thinking, and ready to take on new challenges and confident in yourself. 






  • Uncover the root imprinted causes of these self-sabotage behaviors and the beliefs that give power to that inner voice.

  •  Learn how to understand and change the meaning attached to events, memories from your past that created that inner critical voice.

  •  Identify and reclaim back your voice, power, and self-worth.

  •  Overcome self destructive behaviour so you can live your  truest potential.

  • Because freedom from false imprinted beliefs that are not yours, empowering  you to rewrite your true story.


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—  Lesley- UK

What Clients Write

“Thank you so much for helping

me on the way to better sleep.

I know we are only halfway through this, but already I feel like a new woman.

The results are amazing! After years of bad sleep patterns, I am now getting a good 

sleep at nights and wake up with more energy to tackle the world ( Is this how normal people feel every!).

I can't wait for my next session..forever grateful..thank you again!.” -Lesley UK 

Self -Sabotage 101 RTT 28 Day Project 101

Two Month Slay Your Inner Bitch

Cognitive Rewiring & Coaching Project 101

2 month intensive Hypnotherapy, Coaching and energy body work. Project including workbook.To recode fears and beliefs. Work with those beliefs also held in your own energy field and give you the tools to empower you to live life on your terms.

Hypnotherapy is a phenomenal, effective therapy that I offer as part of my packages where needed.
Thank you for registering your interest in our fab FB 5 Day Self-Sabotage Challenge
'Slay Your Inner Bitch Voice'.
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