Soul to Self Complete Transformation
  33 Day Healing Program.

33 Days of intensive transformational soul connection program to discover where your energy has taken root and became blocked. The reason behind your fears and limiting beliefs that has contributed to your self-sabotage voice -soul disconnect and energy imbalance,and why it wants to hold you back from freedom and  creating how you want to live your daily life in a ever changing world. 

Is this you?

You know what you need to do, but cannot bring yourself to do it. You keep getting in your own way. You wish you could feel free. Free from the past. Free from guilt. Free from fear of being judged. Free from self-sabotage or destructive behaviour. Free to love and believe in yourself so you can finally find inner peace, confidence and your own voice so you can have the success you deserve.

My approach is a highly effective 'super  transformational recovery coaching therapy' that gets results by finding the root cause of your issues and energy blocks as well as to bring you an understanding on a subconscious level so once the root cause is found to help you finally find your own purpose and voice. I will help you shift your energy, recode your mind to free you from those beliefs, memories that no longer serve you,and give you the tools to  help you  live a healthier way of life.

What if you could.....

  • Understand where your energy is blocked and why? 

  • Feel the sense of freedom and accepting who you are and happy with yourself when you look in the mirror and feel for the first time that 'you are enough' and have a purpose and voice unique to you.

  • Understand how your energy blocks have a voice of its own and the role it plays in keeping you stuck.

  • Unlock unlimited confidence and success. 

  • Understand any childhood trauma and past events that have contributed to blockages in yourself and your energy foundation. and truly love yourself to success?

  • Feel uplifted and supported in your journey with expert 1:1  transformational energy coaching, subconscious and intuitive treatment  from Cheryl?

 Combined with conscious mindset work and my unique support tools is the secret behind my own growth and that of my lovely clients' success. The treatment works with the subconscious mind and energetic body to find those experiences and blockages  that can impact you even in adult life, and your work/business. some We store those memories, and emotions in our subconscious, physical, energetic body. 


I have over 15 yrs of expertise in  working with energy, coaching, healing and business skills. As well as over 25 yrs of experience in relationship abuse. 

What's Included


Your amazing 1:1 33 Day Project includes:

  • 45 Minute In Depth Energy Personal Energy Scan & Consultation.

  • 2 x 2. Hour advanced energy clearing, deep subconscious healing( hypnotherapy included) along with other modalities subject to your needs and unique to me.

  • Individual Chakra Clearing and Balancing

  • Personal recordings and visualizations to listen to for 33 days which to recode your subconscious for success.

  • 2 x 1 hour energy empowerment coaching sessions

  • 54 Page Coaching Workbook

  • Ongoing mentoring support during the 33 days  support to track your progress.

This package is in essence over one month transformation &  energy coaching support.

Your first treatment including all the extras costs including 54 page coaching workbook which we use as you go through this healing program.

Investment -£957.

Should you require extra Sessions/Coaching/ or Soul Connection Therapy/ or Energy Coaching for your business then a discount

is available. 


Bonus – Two Monthly – 20-minute ‘on demand’ phone focus coaching sessions to give you that extra support when you may feel overwhelmed or when ‘life happens’ between coaching sessions. Optional Energy Healing.

How can one 2.5 hour session change my life? 55 years of holding onto emotional pain and anxiety and yet by the end of 33 days and listening to Cheryl's recording, I noticed my whole being and mindset was so different and I was not full of anxiety. This changed my energy of both myself and my business to and took it to another level, I will be forever grateful.

                        Michelle- USA

I spend thousands on self help books and counselling, coaching, seminars, online programs. I never knew why even tho I had success in my life why I was not happy or could not allow myself to be.

One session and Boom! it all started to become clear. Cheryl's intuitive reading and coaching ability was amazing. Anne- UK

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