Ready to slay your inner bitch and take yourself to the next level of you?

56 Days Deep Dive 'Slay Your Inner Bitch & Soul Connection Therapy

56 days /8 weeks intensive clearing of energy body work, subconscious and transformational recovery coaching healing  package. Including  ongoing support for duration of course. I will provide you with trainings, worksheets, workbook and any other material tailored for you. To understand, clear, release-recode fears and limited belief patterns and energy blocks. Work with those beliefs also held in your own energy field and give you the tools to empower you to live life on your terms.

What if you could.....

  •  Become aware of those beliefs that have contributed to self-sabotage and limitations, blocks within yourself and maybe your work or business. Finally understand that inner bitch voice. To go on to happiness, wellbeing and success.

  • Connect with your soul/higher self and reveal past soul communication.

  • Learn about your conscious and subconscious limited beliefs.

  • Feel the sense of freedom and accepting who you are and happy with yourself when you look in the mirror and feel for the first time that 'you are enough'.

  • Understand how your self chatter and the mind guide you to break free from the constant battle of self sabotage, free to find space to live the life you deserve.

  • Unlock unlimited confidence and success. 

  • Heal any childhood trauma and truly love yourself to success?

  • Feel uplifted and supported in your journey with expert access to your subconscious and coaching from Cheryl?

  • You could recode your negative story and beliefs that they no longer served the life you truly want for yourself, how you want to feel and be.

You know what you need to do, but cannot bring yourself to do it. You keep getting in your own way. You wish you could feel free. Free from the past. Free from guilt. Free from fear of being judged. And free to love and believe in yourself so you can finally find inner peace and the success you deserve. Is this you? Do you feel you get so far and then boom! it all stops! you know something is feeling heavy within, but you don't know what. Maybe you don't feel particularly unhappy but not lightness inside?

Other treatments such as hypnotherapy only treat the symptoms and try to change the problem behaviour without healing what has actually triggered it in the first place. Sometimes, going way back in earlier childhood years. Parent wounds, hurtful experiences all play a part in making up the way we act and feel as adults. Sometimes those beliefs and pain lead to anxiety, depression, and general feeling of loss of self-worth. Connecting with your own soul essence through combination of soul release energy work, transformational recovery coaching, subconscious work and understanding of the why you feel like you do is the key to freedom of the heart center and yourself.

What's in Included?

  • 1 45 minute call session, I want to get to know you, what your needs are and what you want for yourself.

  • 2 2.5 hour intensive hypnotherapy, deep subconscious healing and energy clearance sessions.

  • 6  60 minute sessions over the next 8 weeks. Personal recovery coaching and intuitive guidance. I will provide you with homework after each session so you are not feeling what to do next.

  • Weekly module from soul writing workbook to maximize your progress between coaching sessions. 

  • All access to me during the 56 days/8 weeks through chat and email or zoom for emergency support so you will never feel worried or need help before then next session.

  • Access to any new online programs and challenges (at no charge)

  • All Materials and resources to support including any guided meditation or visualizations.

  • Follow up tracker and weekly planner after each weekly session to help you reflect and take action.

  • 2 weeks after your package is finished of follow up and email support

  • RECORDED SESSIONS VIA ZOOM: This is so you don't have to worry about forgetting what was what.

Bonus – Two Monthly – 15-minute ‘on demand’ phone focus coaching sessions to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when ‘life happens’ between coaching sessions.

This package is extensive 56 day/8 week package

Investment- £1399

Custom payment plans  available up to 6 months.

Who is this for?


My 56/8 weeks Package Slay Your Inner Bitch  & Soul Connection Therapy™ is for those sick of feeling life is a struggle, something is missing no matter and even if they are high-achievers. Those who are 100% ready to stop the fear, the destructive self chatter and inner criticism and just fed up with feeling the way they do. Also applies to those women suffering from child trauma, parent wounds and relationship abuse. Repeating life patterns. Often the heaviness we carry is blockage within our energy chakras as well as physical. Some women entrepreneurs come to a block in their own business around the same time,not aware that their business also has its own identity and energy. 

Eradicate and understand the consequences of continuing as you are for the foreseeable future and want change. Self-sabotage, lack of confidence, self-worth, money blocks, procrastination, anxiety, public speaking, addiction, depression, parent trauma/wounds, abuse,weight... sugar addiction, these are just a handful of self-sabotage behaviours and these are the areas that can be completely transformed. 

My clients experience things like...

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem as they go forward.

  • New creative ideas and business opportunities leading to financial improvement.

  • More fulfilling relationships.

  • Improved joy.

  • Greater energy, stamina and focus in both their daily life.

  • Freedom from depression and anxiety.

  • Release of childhood trauma and abusive relationship trauma.

  • Weight loss and changes in relationship to food and sugar addiction.

  • Found their own voice.

  • Setting boundaries and saying no with ease.

  • Relief from painful physical symptoms caused by illness

Why does this work? 

1: Recode.

Before we do anything else, we need to find, and deal with those beliefs that are not true and stored in your subconscious mind. 


2: Rewire.

This lays the foundation in your brain as you choose what you want and how you can utilize your new subconscious beliefs into your daily life and continue to implement that.


3: Reframe.

Here we create your desire, the way you want to go forward, the action you will enjoy taking as you learn to continue to train your brain to act towards your better interest. Here you just know that your thinking is now turned to something much more and action that brings you the desire you wanted.

​4. Redefine.

Now we are working with harmonsing and redefining the new you with both the subconscious and conscious mind. What that looks like for you both in your relationships personal and in business.

 5: Release.  Throughout the course I will scan the energetic body and clear the unseen energy blocks, this energy changes on a regular basis as we expand ourselves during our lives, however, with this course we need to address this throughout on many levels. This go hand in hand with conscious, subconscious and coaching work.


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