Slay Your Inner Bitch® Who Is This Challenge For?

For women who know they hold themselves back in their own life:

Relationships, Money, Work

Their self-sabotage voice is louder.


For women fed up with never understanding where that self-sabotage voice came from and why?


For women who portray happiness and success on the outside but struggle and feel an imposter on the inside.


For all women from all backgrounds who need to slay that inner self-sabotage voice once and for all and empower themselves with the tools to become and live life on their terms.


For women who believe good things happen to “other people” but not for them.



WHAT IF… could understand where those negative feelings and voice came from?


WHAT IF….. you understood why? And the consequences of that.


WHAT IF… could claim back your own truths and not that of another.


WHAT IF….. the tools and understanding you now have could help

you change your daily life and mindset for the better.


How would all of this help you feel and act different?


Are you ready to ‘Slay Your Inner Bitch’® and live life on your terms- not hers.



  • One simple but effective daily project challenge in the private FB Group.

  • 30 Minute LIVE Q&A per day to help coach and support you.

  • Don’t worry if you can’t watch it live as the recording will be available for limited time.


  • Day 1: Who is your inner bitch?- It is important to get to know WHY that self-sabotage

voice influences what you want for yourself in your daily life.


  • Day 2: Understanding and accepting-where that self-sabotage voice/belief first came from.


  • Day 3: Rules of the mind- Lean how your thoughts are not necessary your truths.


  • Day 4: Clarity: Get Clear on how you would act and feel if that self-sabotage voice shut up!


  • Day 5: Vision: What would your life look like if you did nothing in the next 3 months?

Learn to change that!

Hello! I’m Cheryl Frampton creator of ‘Slay Your Inner Bitch’® Rapid Transformational Therapy and Self-Sabotage Coach for Women and host of this FREE 5-Day Slay Your Inner Bitch Self-Sabotage Challenge.


My passion is to help women stop that annoying inner voice that keeps you from believing and creating the vision you have for your life. Maybe it is around money, self-worth, relationships, self-esteem, weight, career to name a few. That inner voice can hold us back in so many areas without fully understanding why.


I am the author of ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and Extraordinary You Workbooks and expert on abusive relationships and domestic violence.

Over the years I have created large and small events and workshops.


I have never lived more than 5 yrs. in a home and lived in both Australia and USA and back home to UK. My own life has been documented and been very colourful which is what has given me the rich recipe of understanding and helping others. And the ability to understand just how self-sabotage can infect every area of our lives as women of all ages.


I made a conscious decision to change and understand my root causes and find my own inner warrior strength so I would never feel the sadness, anxiety of fear, lack and guilt ever again. To be my own best friend first and know the rest will follow as I set about healing.


I want to help you do that too. It is only in understanding where your self-sabotage voice and destructive behaviour comes from do you then have the choice and tools to change your life day by day. If you’re ready for this challenge sign up now. It is FREE what have you got to lose?


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