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Welcome! Let me introduce myself

I have lived most of my life with that 'other self-sabotage and self-victimise  voice & a closed heart. You know that voice that is ever present that perpetuates our thoughts and feelings. This voice, was an expert on telling me I was not good or talented enough. Reminded me to be quiet, say yes when I wanted to say no. I would struggle to know what I wanted and how to achieve it because I feared failure, judgment.

That voice kept me safe, and kept my heart protected from truly opening up to anyone, never enjoying the success I truly wanted without feelings of guilt. I was my own worst critical enemy. When I spoke up or had any form of success then subconsciously I found excuses to go no further. On the outside I appeared confident, creating huge events, workshops, speaking and yet inside I felt an imposter. Always going that extra mile to  my own detriment to please others to prove I had value and to eradicate the feeling of always being the underdog. 

Finally, from my own extensive inner healing, experiences, training over years I understood the root causes that so many women experience and find hard to change permanently.

However, healing on a subconscious level was helpful it was not enough to sustain. Finally by connecting with the blockages of my heart and using a combination of hypnotherapy, energy healing and soul therapy and connection, I finally understood the essence of my soul, it's purpose and journey.  

My life changed drastically. When I connected to my soul memory and my own subconscious that self-sabotage voice went for good. I get it! Seriously, if I had understood and had the tools when I was younger that inner bitch self-sabotage voice would have been slayed a long time ago as I found the warrior within and is in all of us.

Our soul memories and our subconscious memories are all linked to both our physical and energetic body and healing one without the other means old emotions, limited beliefs find their way back into our life. These manifest both physically and emotionally and can be crippling. Therefore, through my own intense inner journey and with my spiritual and physical training, I have devised my own unique programs and found my life purpose in helping other women to heal both there emotional and physical pain. Then you can create the life you want with conviction and energy,joy.

Throughout my 20's, I experienced severe abuse - physical, mental, sexual, and financial. My first husband committed suicide, leaving me the sole parent and provider to a 3-year-old son at the age of 23. Seeking stability and security, I remarried, only to find myself in a relationship marred by violence, and mental health struggles of my husband. While in this relationship, I gave birth to my second son. Tragically, at only a week old, my beloved baby died from complications of a severe respiratory infection. Soon after, the marriage ended and I was again a grieving single mother. 

During this dark and difficult time, I found a way to break free and to begin the process of rebuilding my life. In 2003, my life story,"For Crying Out Loud" was published to help others likewise trapped in cycles of abuse and dysfunction. Following the success of "For Crying Out Loud," I published two smaller self-help workbooks,"Extraordinary You in 5 Steps"and "Survival Tips." I appeared as a regular expert on relationship abuse on the ITV Trisha Show and various radio stations. In 2006, while living in Florida, I also hosted a local chat show, For Crying Out Loud, before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2008.

In 2018, with my wonderful husband of nearly 30 years, I moved back to England, where I began my own hypnotherapy and self-sabotage coaching and wellness business. With the mission of helping transform the lives of those women who have and are currently struggling with pain, loss, and self-limiting beliefs.I draw from own personal experiences and extensive training to allow profound and permanent change through my varies healing modalities.























My purpose and  passion is to help others identify where there is disharmony  in both their physical and energetic  body.Working with both the conscious and subconscious  mind and soul spirit.  I can then find out exactly what is behind the  conscious and energetic blockages, therefore what the body and spirit are needing to address for understanding and healing for a complete transformation.


Sometimes what is truly needed is to reveal and unlock the blocks of our heart. To allow ourselves to heal, understand and feel a freedom and clarity. Each client has different issues, some beliefs hid in our subconscious mind from birth and beyond. I call upon various modalities with each client. I am also an intuitive, something I fought for many years, which means I can help access and  communicate with your higher self and  this guidance allows  information to flow through that helps you as you go through your own inner journey. I call on all of my tools and gifts, training and experience to guide you to the outcome you need.

Helping others to connect with their soul journey to find healing and freedom from chronic self-sabotage and doubt and finally allowing their true potential and voice is what drives me every day. While talk therapy can be beneficial, rarely does it result in rapid and truly transformative change. As I know all too well, life is short. Why spend one more minute grappling with the lingering destructive voice and feelings  of past traumas?

Book a free 30 mins complementary chat to see if I can be of help and begin your personal transformation.

While available to consult on a range of issues, I specialize in: 

  • Recovering from an abusive relationship

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Parent wounds

  • Lack of self-esteem and confidence

  • Releasing trapped emotions of fear and negativity

  • Health complaints affecting your everyday life

  • Seemingly unbreakable addictions and bad habits

  • Energy Healing and Shifts

  • Lack of trust in yourself and others

  • Money Blocks

  • Soul Connection & Memory

  • Karma Knots & Cord Cutting

I am available via Skype- Zoom as well. For Zoom contact Cheryl via email and she will contact you with the details.

A brief snapshot!

You may be where I once was..

but then I worked on me......

and now....

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