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Soul Connection Therapy System
Your soul is the inner spiritual energy of who you are – it is the part of you that transcends the  conscious thinking mind and is connected to your spirit.  Many think the soul can be thought of as your Higher Self, Inner Voice or True Nature:  Within it contains all the wisdom, guidance, and nourishment that you need on this earth. The challenge is to connect with it and trust its guidance.

I have worked with the power of human energy for over 15 years. Trained as a Reiki Master, certified Mindfulness, Meditation and Master Energy Coach,as well as the power of oils, crystals, violet flame, reading of business energy to name a few.(yes businesses also have believe it or not their own identity and energy). Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Author.

During this time I took the best of many modalities in Energy Healing and Regression Hypnosis and created my 'Soul Connection Therapy' system. The way I work depends on my clients needs,trapped and destructive emotions, energy & behaviours to attain their desired outcome. This can be on a individual level or a business level or both. 

I use my own system on its own or as part of my extensive coaching, healing and hypnotherapy work, again depending on what the client is guided to. 

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a broad and varied practice which is used to describe a variety of holistic healing techniques that use the natural mind-body and spirit connection to help promote emotional and physical wellbeing.Energy practitioners can use a variety of modalities by accessing, channeling, balancing, and manipulating the body’s natural energy centers, and by doing this and shifting the energy and aiding the body to start the healing processes which helps to support our wellbeing. 

While practices vary each is based on the concept that every aspect of the human  body is intimately connected, and has its own communication network by connecting the subconscious and conscious.. Energy healing combines powerful physical, mental, and spiritual aspects to enable the body’s natural healing to begin. It is where science and energy truly collide and the ebb and flow of energy are so important to us and our work and business.

The History of Energy Healing

The concept of energy healing goes back several thousand years to an ancient Indian spiritual tradition of universal energy called prana. Prana, some call the the breath of life, is based on the idea that universal energy is the basic component and source of every life form on earth. In the third millennium B.C., the ancient Chinese people founded the belief that all matter is pulsing with vital energy they called ch’i. This universal energy is composed of two opposing forces yin and yang that when balanced, promote physical, emotional and mental health. Acupuncture, for example, is designed to help balance the yin and yang energies in the body using the body's meridian lines.

Today, energy healing practitioners continue to use these and other similar beliefs to help people access conscious and subconscious energies that may promote mental and physical wellbeing.

Trained practitioners can detect and often see the bodies energy and where blockages have occurred or trapped emotions. 

What is my 'Soul To Self Journey?

Our physical bodies hold muscle memory and all our past beliefs are formed early on in the subconscious mind. We spend most of our days acting from the conscious mind and our thoughts which in turn affect our wellbeing both emotionally and physical. Over time our emotional pain can manifest in our physical pain and illness. In other words our bodies hold memories of our experience in this lifetime.

But our energy fields, aura,and our chakras hold memories of everything that our soul has experienced . Our soul is the inner voice, source, internal part of us. The memories of our bodies (subconscious) and our soul (inner voice/source) can create both negative and self limiting, painful beliefs which make no sense to us and manifest in our lives, with pain and distress and feeling of not good enough or what we really want or need to learn.

In my 'Soul  to Self Journey', I help you connect with your subconscious and give you the tools to speak and connect to your own soul and in doing this extensive inner work we balance and co-create a magical space to help you access all of those memories.  You will gain a much deeper understanding and part of the soul connection course is karma- what that is and how we can break the karma and ancestral family ties/ knots. Soul connection helps us to access information in regards to their life purpose and personal relationships. If helps give you obtain and understand repeated destructive life patterns and issues as connecting to your higher self. 

Soul to Self Journey™often involves body and energy scan, spirit and chakra field clearance.  I energetically scan the body and can identify where the body, energy is out of balance and from there I can deliver a powerful, relaxing and above all transformative healing treatment as part of the soul connection session before we together decide what other healing modalities you may need.

Part of this can includes cutting of the karmic cords or ancestral fields which is a very powerful release on the road to soul healing

Below is just a few of how my Soul to Self can help identify:

  • Blockages in relationships

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Self Victimisation

  • Money and Career 

  • Physical Pain

  • Feelings of not being visible

  • Self-sabotage

  • Depression

  • Panic attacks 

  • Feeling not grounded and lack of purpose.

  • How to connect with our inner self.

Please note: I will need 30 minutes to tune into your energy prior to our schedule call.

One to One sole to self: healing 1

I offer a powerful one to one intuitive mentoring and clarity either in person or via the internet (Zoom or WhatsApp). In this hour I will help you and guide you to a personal journey of awareness and transformation. Whatever is blocking you or you feel holding you back from expressing how you feel, why you feel the way you do. It could be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic but together with my own guides I will hold the space and help you find a way forward. Giving you the opportunity to become self aware of your own energetic blocks and which chakras are impacted along with the tools to connect with your own inner self.

Depending your your goal for this session will depend on the various tools I use to assist you. At the end of each session a mini visualization and healing will take place according to your own energetic blocks. 

This  one to one Soul to Self session is a good starting point specifically if you have not yet found the release and understanding your are looking for.

Sessions last min of 1 hour.

£125 per session

(for business mentoring and energy readings please contact me for rates)

One to One sole to self: healing 2

Series of two recommended with guided inner work between each session-includes

 2 x 1.5. hour sessions

 Aside from the healing and coaching work,each session includes subconscious hypnotherapy. Plus 28 day support from Cheryl to help you along the way of your transformation.

Chakra & Energetic Body Scan

Energy Healing

Balancing of Chakras

Ancestral field and cord releasing

Soul Connection Workbook to be undertaken during the 28 days support.

Hypnotherapy (may include past lives)


£457 for 28 days.

(for business mentoring and energy readings please contact me for rates)


Please call to schedule for dates and times or email

My hours are flexible  due to time zones, so best to call to find a time that suits you.


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