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It's not just about the events and traumas in our life that have lasting holds on us, but the meaning with give to them?

Cheryl Frampton is certified self-sabotage expert, writer, hypnotherapy practitioner, mindfulness and energy coach. She helps women from all over the world eradicate their self-sabotage voice that lies behind so many women, entrepreneurs in their daily life and work. By understanding and facing their fears, and helps them understand how to recode and take action. She helps with lack of self trust, criticism, judgment, and in the process helps them find clarity, direction and overcome the overwhelming feeling of anxiety for many. Many of these issues don't allow for the true nature and purpose to show through and therefore hold many women back in coping and creating in their daily lives.


Cheryl has been a coach, teacher of creative workshops and events to help others both here in UK and for 14 years in USA. It is Cheryl's hope that women from all backgrounds can realise their full potential and create a purposeful impact in the ever changing world. 

Cheryl has over time appeared in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, various magazines and regular guest on the Trisha Goddard show as well as various radio stations.

Her life story was published in 2003 'For Crying Out Loud' and two other small books followed. In 2007 in Florida Cheryl hosted her live chat show.

Her passion has always been helping women because of her own extensive abusive life in her 20's and her own lack of confidence.

Slay Your Inner Bitch' is her latest therapy and coaching program.

Cheryl is available for speaking to women on 'Slay Your Inner Bitch' on how to overcome self-sabotage.

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